It’s time for Traders and Businesses to be GST updated

By Registrationwala

8th June 2017


GST rollout is on its countdown every day passes and GST rollout day comes more near millions of traders and businesses, including big and small, are making a beeline for classes to learn the ABC of the new tax system.

Organisation has their scheduled prepared to teach GST. Association such as Retailers Association of India and Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) are teaching more and more about the nitty-gritty of the GST and will GST be Compliant.

There has been report from Industry expert that VAT(Value added Tax) was not Tech heavy tax regime and did not have much implication for Business but GST has complex structure and will have more technological use . People might need to be more tech savvy and may face problems understanding the tax intricacies, it is important we provide them with some hand-holding. GST regime has various rules affecting a particular sector.  

More than one lakh traders needs get GST compliant and need to maintain six mega classes all over India including one class each in north, south, west, east, centre and northeast. Events have been sponsored and lined up to finance these events. Training is fully organised course divided into theoretical training and crash course in software. Things need to be learn and digitally incorporated.

Sessions have been organised in Delhi and Mumbai by RAI (Retailers Association of India).There are detail need to be passed in GST compliance as per GST Rule. 





It’s time for Traders and Businesses to be GST updated