Regional Film Industry up in Arms against GST

By Registrationwala

8th June 2017


GST enrolment will be a heavy dose for the Tollywood industry since GST rates will be higher than the current rate. Kamal the veteran actor said that regional cinema was the 'pride of the country' and threatened to quit films because of a steep proposed tax on films during the GST regime. Not only in Tollywood but also other regional cinema industries like   Eastern India Motion Pictures Association (EIMPA) and Federation of Cine Technicians and Workers of Eastern India are worried about the GST rate. Since, proposed rate will be whopping 28 % increases the tax rate upto 14 times.

People are thinking of the serious impact of GST since they have the thinking that have to stop working in Tollywood. It is expected that there will be loss of 100 crore and will sustain in the industry one should be lauded. There is not any sign of recognition that centre is trying to put extra burden on us. Whole industry people Such as producers, distributors and exhibitors, even artistes will be affected. Cinema is a form of educational medium. It is a tool to inform people and create awareness. Still it is being kept in the category of same tax slabs as the liquor industry. State government is in support of al, the issues being faced by the industry. People are in unity and are saying that they will on go on strike, if the situation remains the same, we will go on a strike.

It is expected that single will be affected may it any state whether it is Bengal, Maharashtra, Punjab or the south, the tax burden will increase manifold. This will affect weaker films and the revenue will be less. Due to this exhibitors may be forced to hike ticket prices. Which is also not an easy task, Since as single screens are already in a bad shape in the suburbs.




Regional Film Industry up in Arms against GST