IT infrastructure is the prime concern ahead of GST roll out

By Registrationwala

10th June 2017


GST roll out is on its countdown and even the government is pushing for roll out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 1 July. The Government is mainly concerned about the preparedness of the GSTN (GST Network). GSTN is the network that has the responsibility of building and maintaining the IT infrastructure for the new tax regime. The network company remains an issue of concern for many stakeholders including the state governments.

On 3rd June GST council had a meeting in which executives from GSTN made detailed presented the amount work they have done in IT preparedness.GST council members raised many issues and asked questions with regards to the level of preparation. There has been a lack of satisfaction among the members. Though, GSTN has expressed its confidence about the work that has been assigned.

After GST council meeting many dignitaries are not satisfied with the presentation. Since three billion invoices are to be uploaded monthly on GST network. People are not fully satisfied with GSTN's preparation. Trial or we can say dry run have been carried out for only 100-200 companies and even during those trial runs, many challenges were faced in uploading invoices.

There has report that GSTN has so far given approval to only 34 GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) which is a very small number. It would also many smaller companies and traders uploading data on GST network and given the millions of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the country.

More than 3000 taxpayers have gone through the trial run across the country. Some minor issues were raised by the users and they had already resolved those issues. There is an offline tool which did not work on older 32-bit computers. There were other minor suggestions regarding placement of icons, etc, which they had already implemented. Mainly the beta testing is for functional issues but not for the load of the system.

Stress testing has been performed on the test for the load and simulation for the same size or quantity. There has application of thumb rule for testing the filing returns or uploading invoices. Testing has been done on the system for 60% load assuming that those many people. It is expected that system could take the load of 50,000 queries posted per second and can be logging of more than 1 million at a time also people hitting the system at the same time. 


IT infrastructure is the prime concern ahead of GST roll out