Importance of Chartered Accountants in GST

By Registrationwala

1st May 2017


Change is for good reason as well as it also changes the scenario going in the present system GST is likely to roll out in the early monsoon which will create some difference in the system. This may lead to disturbance in some of the commercial sectors. Chartered accountants have the workload to carry after GST rollout.

The report has come out from the two day event organised by the Aurangabad Branch of Western India Regional Council (WIRC) of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).  Small traders and unorganized sector will have a workforce to combine into one GST net.

There were about 500 Chartered Accountants who participated in the conference, during which key aspects of implementation of GST was discussed. A statement from the experts Since there has been creation of huge amount of digital data on social media, scientific research, health field and banking sector. This could be a profitable business in service or product designs.GST may also look after data analysing has lucrative job opportunities.


Importance of Chartered Accountants in GST