Brief note on GST Positives

By Registrationwala

30th April 2017


GST will have good effect or bad effect this question has not fully answered. But most the people are expecting it as a good response. There has been report the economy bouncing back on the growth trajectory after demonetisation and the New order inflows across respondents saw a strong growth of 8.2% driven by welding as well as metals & mining segments. People Participating the industry are keen towards GST implementation. Almost half of the people are planning for revenue jump as a result of GST .

In case of Northern region seemed to have performed the best, clocking ~6% positive value growth, while eastern region registered worst performance with ~2% YoY value as well as volume growth. There has been good response on the average revenue growth of 6.3% (with volumes growing by around 6.9%). GST is expected to provide a boost to demand and improve.

On an average there is a revenue growth of 7.5% being the highest value of growth in the eastern region witnessed as (11%); also the other regions are performing well at around 7-8% rate. Logistics and transportation sector will grow better after GST implementation.




Brief note on GST Positives