Time of Supply of Goods Under Draft GST Law

By Registrationwala

4th May 2017


The time of supply fixes the moment when the risk to charge GST emerges. It additionally demonstrates when a supply is considered to have been made. The CGST/SGST Act gives isolate time of supply to products and services.Under GST the point of taxation, ie., the obligation to pay CGST/SGST, will emerge at the time of supply as decided for goods and services. There are separate arrangements for time of supply for goods and time of supply for services. Please click here.

Time of Supply of Goods

Section12 and 13 of the CGST/SGST Act enumerates time of supply of goods.


1.Date of issue of invoice,

2.Date of receipt of payment,

Whichever is earlier.


1.Date of the receipt of the goods,

2. The date on which the payment is made, or

3.  The date immediately following thirty days from the date of issue of invoice by the supplier whichever is earlier

Otherwise the date of entry in the books of recipient of supply.


1.Date of issue of voucher if the supplier is identifiable at that point; or

2.Date of redemption of voucher, in all other cases.


1.In case when a periodical return has been filed, be the date on which such return is to be filed, or

2.In any other case be the date on which the CGST/SGST is paid.

Time inside which invoice must be issued for supply of Goods: According to Section 28 of CGST/SGST Act an enrolled taxable individual might issue a tax receipt indicating depiction, quantity and value of products, tax charged subsequently and other recommended particulars, before or at the time of

(a) Removal of goods for supply to the recipient, where supply includes movement of goods or

(b) Delivery of goods or making accessible thereof to the recipient in different cases.

Time inside which invoice must be issued for continuous supply of Goods: If there arises an occurrence of nonstop supply of merchandise, where progressive proclamations of records or progressive payments are incorporated, the receipt may be issued before or at the time each such statement is issued or, as the case may be, each such installment is received.

In GST administration, the tax gathering occasion will be most punctual of the dates as given above. The different occasions like issuing receipt/making payment in case of supply of goods/services or completion of occasion in case of supply of service setting off the tax levy, affirms that the Government needs to guarantee duty is gathered at the most earliest point of time.

Plainly, taxability and collecting provisions in regard of goods have been definitely changed under GST administration when contrasted with present situation, which requires legitimate comprehension and change for the dealers to impose GST. Further, taxable occasion for supply of products should rely on upon number of components like removal date, payment date, date of receipt of goods, and so forth.


Time of Supply of Goods Under Draft GST Law