What is the procedure to become a GST practitioner?

By Registrationwala

10th June 2017


GST is the tax reform in India set to modernize the indirect tax system in India. Good and service tax regime will India Business easy. After GST implementation more than 10 million enterprises will be registered under GST. There have been various initiatives taken by the Government such as GST practitioner and GST Facilitation Centres. 

Step 1 - A person eligible to become GST Practitioner as per the criteria above can apply using FORM GST PCT-01 through the GST Common Portal or through a GST Facilitation Centre notified by the Commissioner for GST Practitioner enrolment. 

Download GST Practitioner FORM GST PCT-01FORM GST PCT-01

Step 2 - After receiving the application, the GST officer would process the application and make enquires as considered necessary for enrolment. If the Officer is satisfied, a GST Practitioner certificate would be issued.

Download GST Practitioner FORM GST PCT-02 

Validity of License

GST Practitioner license would be valid until it will be cancelled by the relevant authority. A person needs pass examinations held by the GST Authority and notified by the Commissioner from time to time for holding a GST Practitioner license. After it, all the people applying to become a GST Practitioner through the sales tax practitioner or tax return preparer route are required to pass an exam conducted by the GST Authority within one year from the implementation of GST.


What is the procedure to become a GST practitioner?