Procedure to enroll for GST registration by Existing VAT/CST/Service Tax Registered Dealers

By Registrationwala

9th April 2017


The Goods and Service Tax popularly known as GST will become mandatory for businessmen from April 1st this year. But existing tax payers might need to start paying GST from now onwards. These tax payers need to enroll themselves under GST database online.

A tax payer already registered with the authorities and paying taxes like Central Excise, Service Tax, Vat and Luxury Taxes should register himself on the online GST database at the earliest without fail. Enrollment entails furnishing of necessary details as sought by the authorities.

Each state has different last date for GST enrolment. In fact, many states declared last dates on November or December last year, but not all states have declared their last dates as yet. So, it’s necessary to ascertain the correct last date of GST enrolment of your state. They are modified from time to time. A tax payer needs to stay watchful about it.

Step-by-step Procedure for GST enrolment by existing VAT/ Tax payers

  • The entire GST enrolment procedure will be done via online mode. No hard paper/ copies will be entertained.
  • If your business turnover is over 20 lakh, you need to necessarily register for it.
  • Get your provisional ID and Password from the concerned government office.
  • Use your own email id to complete the GST enrolment procedure.
  • You need to have valid mobile number, Bank Account Number and IFSC code to complete the process.

Furnish your Business Organization Proof

  • Partnership firm: Submit a copy of partnership deed in JPEG or PDF format not more than 1MB.
  • Company: You will have to submit a copy of the registration of certificate of the business entity in JPEG or PDF format (Maximum 1MB file).
  • Sole Proprietorship: Other relevant certificates issued by the state authority for the purpose.
  • Necessary Documents: Photographs of promoters/ partners and copies of passbook/ statement bearing Bank account number, address branch, account holder(s) address and transaction details.

Submit Necessary Information

Once you enter all necessary details, recheck for errors. If everything is okay submit the form and get your acknowledgement number. Save that for future correspondence.

If you have not got provisional ID and password then please contact your concerned authorities and get the same now. Authorized signatures need to be put at all relevant papers as demanded by the GST authority. A copy of authorization should be uploaded wherever needed.

Based on your prefilled data following information will be already available to the authority;

  • Legal Name of the business
  • PAN of the business
  • Reason of liability to obtain registration
  • State
  • Mobile number and Email Id

It is recommended to all tax payers to pay GST taxes on time and stay away from any further legal scrutiny. GST filing is almost necessary for all traders after a certain exemption limit. Timely enrolment will help you stand on the safer side. So, take GST very seriously from this April. A slight carelessness from your side could cost you lots.


Procedure to enroll for GST registration by Existing VAT/CST/Service Tax Registered Dealers