Impact of GST on Startups and Small Businesses

By Registrationwala

4th August 2017


Goods and Services tax is the simplified indirect tax system in India. GST was implemented to make tax system transparent. GST system promotes the concept of “One Nation One Tax One market”. GST is a tax system that will save time in India for people dealing with interstate trade.     

Ease of Business

India is a country having many entrepreneurs. Business is a profession that makes person’s life different from others. Earlier people had to pay VAT and for that first had to register under VAT Registration. There were many tax that people had to pay but now people in India have to pay GST a simplified form of tax having all the forms indirect tax. Business need to avail GST Registration to have smooth flow of Business.GST is centralised form of tax easy to manage and  will be under one umbrella and be made into one single tax.

Integration of Multiple Taxes

Earlier people were taxed in various forms across various states in India. Returns will become common GST subsumes all the taxes Central taxes including central excise duty, service tax, additional customs duty, special additional customs duty, central purchases and cess. States will levy VAT, central sales tax, Octroi and entry tax, purchase tax, luxury tax, taxes on lottery, betting, gambling, state cess and charges, entertainment taxes.

GST Exemption for Startups and Small Businesses

Starting at now, organizations crossing a annual turnover of Rs 5 lakh (Rs 10 lakh in a few states) need to have VAT enrolment and VAT instalment as a need. Under earlier tax regime various VAT directions crosswise over states will undoubtedly be confounding.

Once executed, organizations with a supply turnover of not as much as Rs. 20 lakh would not need to enrol for GST or even gather it. Moreover, those with a turnover between Rs. 20 and Rs. 75 lakh may need to pay the GST at a lower rate, under the arrangement plot. This exclusive gives a major driving force to new companies with an ostensible turnover subsequently bringing them alleviation from accumulation and recording of GST returns, and so on.

Bring Improvement

Gone are the days when you needed to manage numerous duty framework. Presently you need to manage just GST. be it products or administrations, need to conform to different VAT and administration charge directions over the state, which just adds to the multifaceted nature of the entire technique of maintaining a business. With the presentation of GST, the distinction amongst merchandise and ventures will be no more. Additionally, invoicing will be simpler for organizations since there would just be one rate over.


Impact of GST on Startups and Small Businesses