GST registration procedure for DVAT Taxpayers

By Registrationwala

5th April 2017


Following the government of India’s successful implementation of demonetization drive regarding invalidating the old notes of 500 and 1000 INR, the government is now ready to make the taxation process more strict and stringent for the existing DVAT tax payers. However, you don’t need to fret – just follow the GST registration procedure carefully as given below and keep all tensions at bay.

Enrolment is mandatory for all DVAT tax payers. The last date as per the government guideline was 31st December 2016, but relaxation to the same was announced later – the last date has been extended for a few days more.

You should now complete the enrolment procedure at the earliest without waiting for any further communication from the government. This GST registration scheme for DVAT tax payers is exclusively for the old tax payers. A new prospective GST taxpayer can’t fill this form.

Relevance of Digital Signature in the Entire Process

Barring company form of business organization (in case of private/ public limited companies), in both partnership and sole proprietorship a trader won’t need to use digital signatures. But using the authorized digital signature becomes extremely essential for businessmen who are filing to file the return under DVAT scheme.

However, partners and sole proprietors (existing DVAT tax payers) can still use the DSC (Digital Signature) to accelerate their GST registration procedure. It costs around 1000 INR to obtain a DSC. It is an ultra sophisticated software program that facilitates the user to put their signatures on electronic forms.

Utility of Digital Signatures

You can file income tax returns using Digital Signature (DSC).

You can complete company registration process using DSC.

You can sign electronically using DSC feature.

You can also file online tenders using DSC.

A digital signature keeps the online process fully safe, secured and authenticated.

Complete GST Registration Enrolment Procedure for DVAT Taxpayers

  1. Log on to DVAT properly with actual http address.
  2. Once the link got opened, sign in.
  • At this stage, you may need a separate log in ID and password.
  1. For provisional user ID and password you need to register with the site.
  2. You may need to furnish additional details to obtain the same using real information and credentials only.

In case of any default on your part while filing DVAT return previously – the department may decline to issue a provisional ID and password to you.

In that scenario, you will have to personally visit the DVAT office to get the matter resolved.


GST registration procedure for DVAT Taxpayers