Filing of Returns by a GST practitioner

By Registrationwala

8th June 2017


A taxpayer needs to hire the services of a GST Practitioner to file GST returns. After checking the eligibility, the practitioner prepares all the necessary documents that need to be get attested by the respective tax authority.

Let’s take a closer look at the procedure:

Step 1- Browse through the list of all authorized GST Practitioners that would be available on the common GST Portal in Form GST PCT-5.
Step 2- Appoint a GSP Practitioner using Form GST PCT-6. He will prepare all important documents needed for tax filing.
Step 3 – After the authorization is done, the appointed GST Practitioner would file the asked statement and attach his digital signature on the same followed by its verification.
Step 4 – Once a statement is furnished by GST Practitioners, a confirmation will send to taxable person via Email or SMS.
Step 5 – The taxpayer must ensure that the statement being provided is genuine and correct. The accountability of accuracy of any details in the statement filed by a GST practitioners will continue to rest with a tax payer. After verification, the taxable person must check and verify the statement.
At any time, a taxable person can withdraw the authorisation given to a GST practitioner using Form GST PCT-7.


Filing of Returns by a GST practitioner