Changes taken place after October 1

By Registrationwala

3rd October 2017


It has been three month since GST had been enrolled. October has brought new rules on SBI's Saving Bank Account and shopkeeper can only sell products with new MRP. Shopkeeper will not be able to sell goods at the old MRP. There are some changes that are related to our everyday life.

New rule for saving account in banking system

India’s largest government bank recently announced the reduction of minimum charges on savings account. The bank has now reduced the minimum balance limit from 5000 to 3000 rupees. The rule has been implemented from October 1.

Charging will not take place on account closure

If you have an account in SBI and you want it off, then from October 1, no charge will be charged from you for it. This facility will be available for 14 days of opening the account and after 1 year of account closure. After 14 days and before 1 year of closure, 500 rupees plus GST will take place.

Call rates to go down

 You can get cheap call rates from October 1. Telecom regulator TRAI has announced to cut the interconnection charges (IUC) from October 1.

The change made about the check

 SBI's associate banks have merged with SBI. Their checks will not run from October 1. Customers of these cooperative banks will have to take new checks of SBI. If you have not done such a thing yet, you must resolve this work before October 1.

Goods will not be sold at old MRP

 No shopkeeper will be able to sell the goods on the old MRP since October 1. From 1st onwards, everyone will have to sell the goods with the new MRP. Action will be taken against those who do not. The government fixed the last date for selling the goods on the old MRP September 30.The government has made it clear that after this, the goods will be sold on the new MRP and action will be taken against those who do not.


Changes taken place after October 1